In today’s hectic world, Roghar Tulsi Amrit is an easy fix for those looking for health benefits in a
convenient manner. Choose Tulsi, a hassle-free solution for daily health needs, enriched with all the
necessary goodness of pure and natural herbs.

Roghar Tulsi Amrit have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Advantage especially in the present
times when viruses are trying to rule the world. May help in protecting people from bacteria, viruses,
allergens, and other pathogens that cause fever and tiredness. It may emerge as the most effective and
overall wellness-providing formula.

Some of the key benefits of Tulsi present in Roghar Tulsi Amrit are-

Roghar Tulsi Amrit drop helps you to boost immunity , improve blood flow and fight infections to prevent you from migraine , morning sickness cold & flu and extreme blood sugar levels.
Roghar Tulsi Amrit is best for health. It boost immunity and it prevent to bad cholesterol.This is also
beneficial in any cold or fever. Similarly Tulsi heal more than 200 types of diseases.
Other benefits include treatment for common colds, itchiness of the skin, treatment for insect bites,
curing common conditions of the eye and as a herbal remedy for bad breath.

one can take 5–10ml/day of Roghar Tulsi Amrit or 1–2 drops twice a day.
So the next time you feel ill, try having some Roghar Tulsi Amrit it’s natural.